(un)funconf Drinkup. Drowning the volcano.

The drinkup replaced the conference on the 24th April. It was postponed because of a volcano.


The night of plenty.

We decided to postpone funconf because the mighty volcano "Eyjafjallajokull" spewed ashcloud into European airspace, closing the whole operation down for a week.

As it turned out, we would have been fine.

No matter, of our ten speakers, three made it over regardless. Werner Vogels, Joe Stump and Tom Preston-Werner were out in force.

Those who were there enjoyed many a cocktail and stories of Joe Stump's experiences with "rm -rf /*", Werner's history as a navyman and TPW's skills with earbud headsets.

Here's what some folks had to say:

with mojitos and beer and paul making up crazy songs on the piano, we really didn't miss the bus that much. Tim Lossen Cinema and Pancakes

Even without the official day programme, I've learnt so much at (un)Funconf. I truly enjoyed the good company and impeccable organisation by Eamo and Paul. Above all it was FUN! I would definitely recommend anybody going in September! Ellen van den Berg Mediamatic Lab

great night and great beers, was great to meet everyone and fingers crossed someone drops out so that we can go on the real conference Eamonn Fallon Daft.com

(un)funconf was a great taster of what's in store for the real event, minus all that volcano business! David Rice

(un)funconf was so worth it already, even without the conf part Alexander Lang Upstream

(Un)funconf was like a perfect family gathering - meeting the wise, cunning and charming folks by good food, drinks and music. Thilo Utke Upstream

Learned so much @ #unfunconf, not sure how I'll be able to handle @funconf. Till Klampaeckel

The passion and integrity with which Paul and Eamo have organised FunConf is inspiring—unFunConf was actually fun, FunConf is going to be epic. Eoghan McCabe Contrast

Unfunconf by itself, was a better event than many full on conferences I've been to. If you missed it, you missed out big time. Des Traynor Contrast

Best mojito I've ever had. Ciara McGuire Six Nations & Lions Limited

Chatting amongst amazing brains from Berlin to Belfast, I had a blast! Annie Lowney Yelp

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